Crude: The Real Price of Oil

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CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil is a 2009 documentary directed by Joe Berlinger which tells the story of a class action lawsuit brought by tens of thousands of citizens of Ecuador against the American oil giant Chevron after the contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon with devastating consequences to ecosystems and the communities who lived in the vicinity, the spill has been labelled the ‘Amazon Chernobyl’ due to the extremity of the situation. The claimants were seeking $27 billion in compensation. Chevron attempted to disrupt the film and its showing.

The film attempts to present a complicated and controversial situation from multiple viewpoints, it tells the story of corruption, human suffering, environmental catastrophe, and tries to frame it within the global political context, the power of the multinational corporation, and the rapid destruction of indigenous populations in the Amazon. The film ends with the prediction that the lawsuit will continue for decades, and as of 2017 it is still ongoing.

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