The Crucible: 40 Golden Snooker Years

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Snooker was not much more than a pub game until the 1970’s, the rise of colour televisions making it much more appealing to television networks for obvious reasons, and by the mid-eighties it was one of the most popular spectator sports in the United Kingdom. Promoter Barry Hearn maintains that his big break in business came when he purchased a chain of snooker clubs just as the sport was on the rise, leaving him in the unique position of being able to become a manager and promoter for the best of the talent that walked in through the doors of his clubs. The rise of snooker and the role played by Barry Hearn in making it commercially viable was covered in the 2002 BBC documentary When Snooker Ruled The World.

The game has evolved since those halcyon days, with it becoming a more international sport (and becoming particularly popular in China), but one mainstay is The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. It is to Snooker what Wembley stadium is to football and Lords is to cricket, every year it hosts the World Snooker Championship, the sports most prestigious competition and the venue for most of snookers most memorable moments, including the famous Black Ball Final of 1985.

The Crucible: 40 Golden Years is a 2017 BBC documentary which celebrates 40 years of snooker at The Crucible, the first World Snooker Championship has been held annually at the venue since 1977 and it was also home to The Ladies World Snooker Championship between 1998 and 2003. Former snooker professional Steve Davis presents the programme, returning the the place where he played in eight World Snooker Championship finals. His six victories has been bettered by only one player, Stephen Hendry has won seven times.

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