Crackheads Gone Wild

Published on 3rd February 2016 by

Crackheads Gone Wild is a documentary about crack cocaine users in Atlanta, the film shows how easily people can become addicted to the drug, irrespective of their prior social status or upbringing, and the way that users self-destruct after becoming hooked on the drug. The film features various crack cocaine addicts, some displaying highly erratic behavior. The film is 55 minutes of deeply uncomfortable watching to somebody who hasn’t the slightest bit of experiences with crack addicts, such as me, it doesn’t really get any more raw than this.

This independent low budget film has been a commercial success with over 65000 DVDs sold, it is also now available to watch on Netflix. A sequel to the documentary has since been made – Scared Straight. It would probably make a good film for the classroom, if anybody wants to try crack cocaine after watching this film then they should most certainly be classified as insane and institutionalized. Watch more drugs documentaries here.

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