Crack House USA

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For six weeks in the summer of 2005 federal agents and state police used hidden camera techniques to film thousands of hours of footage inside a crack house in Rockford, Illinois to gather evidence against those who were running it. The gang in control of the crack house smoked marijuana, played with firearms, and sell copious amounts of crack cocaine and heroin to a constant stream of visiting clients. They were unaware of course that every move was being filmed, neither where the customers who would later have their addictions exposed.

Crack House USA documents the rise and then fall of a crack den and of a typical American community being damaged by a steady supply of hard drugs, the film is made up of extensive use of surveillance footage as well as interviews with the gang members, their families and cops involved in the investigation.

The head of the gang was Darrel ‘Duck’ Davis and he employed a crew of young men to operate his network of a dozen crack and heroin houses in Rockford, the gang were making $5000 a day before they were busted in the sting. Davis was sentenced to 42 years in federal prison in 2007.

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