Conspiracy Road Trip: 7/7 Bombings

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Conspiracy Road Trip is a three part BBC series which sees comedian Andrew Maxwell take groups of conspiracy theorists on road trips to tackle their beliefs and attempt to persuade them to change their mind. It was screened on the BBC in 2012 and followed the earlier one-off special 9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip which was also hosted by Maxwell.

This episode, 7/7 Bombings, sees Maxwell takes a group of four British people who believe various conspiracy about the London Bombings terrorist incident on a road trip from Leeds to London. The conspiracy theorists on the trip believe that the incident was a ‘false flag’ operation, planned by the UK government, in order to boost public support for the war in Iraq.

Each of the four believes in a different conspiracy theory,  from claiming the train times were falsified by the government to the idea that home-made bombs could never have caused such damage. Maxwell takes them on a journey which is exactly the same as the one taken by the bombers that day, and they are introduced to eyewitnesses, families of victims, government officials and specialists along the way.

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