The Conspiracy Files: David Kelly

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The Conspiracy Files is a British documentary television series by the BBC which investigates various modern conspiracy theories, episodes are sporadic with the first coming in 2006 and a total of only eleven episodes so far (as of 2017). Each episode in the series is one hour long and broadcast on BBC two.

The Death of Dr. David Kelly was the very first episode of the series and was first broadcast in 2006, the episode re-examines the death of government scientist and weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly in July 2003 not long after he had given evidence to an inquiry surrounding the decision of the UK government to enter into the Iraq War. The official verdict was suicide but many people doubt this was the actual cause of his death, a public inquest was never held.

Featuring in the episode are various doctors, lawyers, politicians and bloggers who all question the official account of his death and suspect that he may have been murdered or assassinated – some conspiracy theories believe that this could have been carried out by the British secret services.

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