Commando: Return to the Front Line

Published on 3rd September 2017 by

Chris Terrill followed new recruits into the Royal Marines for the excellent 2007 ITV series Commando: On the Front Line, it saw him chart their progress through their grueling 32 weeks of intensive training and their eventual deployment to Afghanistan. If you haven’t already then you should watch that series first.

In this 2014 one-off follow up, Commandos: Return to the Front Line, Terrill returns to Afghanistan as British and American troops begin the process of withdrawal. He examines the countries prospects going forward and questions whether peace and stability can return to the region when the newly trained Afghan army take control of policing it.


Chris Terrill also authored a widely acclaimed 400 page book about his experienced shadowing the Royal Marines, Commando, available to purchase in paperback, hardcover and kindle formats.

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