The Commando Who Refused to Die

Published on 5th September 2017 by

Corporal Paul Vice was serving as a Royal Marine in Afghanistan when in 2011 he was caught up in a huge explosion, he suffered an astonishing 100 injuries and technically died twice. More than 400 pieces of shrapnel and stones were removed from his body and his vast array of injuries included a severed artery in his throat, a broken neck and a brain injury left him partially paralyzed down his right side, as well as suffering deafness in one ear and a serious injury to one eye. He later made the decision to have his damaged leg amputated.

Despite his vast array of injuries he survived and now lives a happy and healthy life who can play with his children, it is the ultimate story of survival and triumph against adversity. The Commando Who Refused to Die is a low budget 2014 Forces TV documentary which tells his story.

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