Cold War

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Cold War is an epic 24 episode CNN documentary series about the Cold War, it was first aired in 1998. The series looks at the events that shaped the tense relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union and features interviews with various political and military heavyweights. The series was partially funded by billionaire Ted Turner and was a joint production between the Turner Broadcasting System and the BBC who would also broadcast the series in the United Kingdom on BBC 2. A cropped version for widescreen display was released on DVD by Warner Home Video in 2012.

We have all twenty four of the 46 minute long episodes available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate them via the numbered tabs beneath the video player or by using the episode link list below. You may be interested to know that the producers of this series had previously produced the World War II television documentary series The World At War (1973) which adopted a similar format.

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The series was remastered into widescreen format and released as a six disc DVD box set by Warner Home Video in 2012, consider purchasing in order to watch in the highest possible quality and without ad interruption.

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