Class of 92: Out of Their League (Series 1)

Published on 1st April 2016 by

A two part 2015 documentary which follows the Class of 92 Manchester United legends as they make the unusual decision to purchase a non-league football club, Salford City, in pursuit of their dream of taking the minnows to the Premier League. They have seven tiers to climb to reach their goal. We have both Episode 1 and Episode 2 available to watch here on Documentary Vine.

The project isn’t easy, in fact they are immediately treated with suspicion and cynicism by Salford fans who fear that their club is going to be turned into everything they despise about the commercial world of professional football and lose everything that they love about the world of non-league football.

Watch as Salford’s season takes several twists and turns, at one point sacking their manager and replacing him with a pair of aggressive but experienced non-league managers who embark on a ruthless shake up of the squad in their endeavor to achieve promotion. The documentary was so well received that the film crews returned to film a second series.


The players later co-wrote and published a book about their first two years in charge of Salford City, released to accompany the second series of the show. Class of 92: Out of Our League is available to purchase in paperback, hardback, kindle, and audobook formats.

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