Brit’s Get Rich in China

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A 2007 Sky TV documentary which follows the fortune of three British entrepreneurs who are each heading to China, attracted by low wages, cheap products, and over a billion potential customers, on a mission to make their millions in the worlds fastest growing economy. The documentary has also been broadcast overseas with the alternative title China or Bust.

The three entrepreneurs are:

  • Tony Caldeira, the owner of a British based cushion manufacturing firm who desperately needs a manufacturing facility in China to allow him to compete with cheap Chinese imports. He later stared in the documentary The Town Taking on China (2012) in which he attempts to bring some of his manufacturing back to Britain from China.
  • Vance Miller, the owner of an established British kitchen business who is already selling the cheapest kitchens in the UK and already doing a lot of business with China, he heads to China seeking to resolve various problems he is having with suppliers and ends up buying an entire granite quarry. Vance Miller is a notorious businessman in the UK and has been imprisoned for his business practices, see the documentary The Kitchen Gangster.
  • Peter Williams, the inventor of an energy saving gadget who is looking for somebody to manufacture his gadget and sell it to the Chinese market. He has to hand over the device and all of its technical details to a complete stranger, leaving the viewer wondering whether he got ripped off or not.
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