The Children Who Beat Ebola

Published on 10th March 2017 by

A Channel 4 Dispatches episode (2015) which took a year to make, it tells the story of five remarkable children from Sierre Leone who survived the Ebola virus and rebuilt their lives. Today Sierre Leone is clear of the virus, but for 19 months it had more cases than any other country.

Film maker Ben Steele soon after the ebola virus had peaked and followed the children in two families for a few months, one pair of brothers were released from an isolation unit only to return to the home that their parents had died in to find some money that their deceased mother had stashed away to ensure that the two brothers could continue in school.

Its a heartbreaking documentary yet uplifting at the same time, on one hand these kids have had a very traumatic experience and have seen their parents and other relatives die, on the other hand it shows how they are overcoming the virus in a country which is returning to normality.

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