Child of Rage: The Beth Thomas Story

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A 1992 documentary directed by Larry Peerce called “Child of Rage” is a story of a six and a half year old girl named Beth Thomas. She was so traumatized as an infant that she can no longer love anyone or accept love. She hurts her younger brother, Johnathon, and even says she would stab her parents with a knife at night if given the chance. Her parents lock her in her bedroom each night just so she doesn’t hurt anyone.

Beth Thomas is, essentially, a sociopath. Beth and other children like her can harm and even murder other people without feeling any remorse. This documentary includes actual footage from sessions with Beth’s clinical psychologist, Dr. Ken Magid. “Child of Rage” shows how abusing a child can change them tremendously at an early age. It also shows how victims of abuse can absolutely recover from the abuse they suffered.

If you have been left wondering what happened to Beth Thomas then good news, she was adopted by a family who put her through controversial attachment therapy. It was successful and she went on to become a normal functioning adult, graduating from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and becoming an award winning Registered Nurse.


Beth Thomas wrote a book about her childhood and adopted family which was published in 2010, Dandelion on My Pillow, Butcher Knife Beneath. It can be purchased on kindle or in paperback edition.

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