Chelsea Headhunters

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A groundbreaking undercover expose by Donal MacIntyre who infiltrated one of the worlds most famous hooligan firms the Chelsea Headhunters and filmed his encounters on secret cameras, even going to the extent of having a Chelsea badge tattooed onto himself as part of his cover. In order to gain access into the inner-circle of the firm he pretended to be a Northern Irish drug dealer from Belfast who had recently moved to London. The episode was screened in 1999.

MacIntyre managed to confirm the association between members of the the Headhunters and extreme far right neo-nazi group Combat 18, including one member who was jailed for possessing material related to the Ku Klux Klan. Two senior members of the group, Jason Marriner and Andrew Frain, were later convicted and jailed on the strength of evidence obtained through filming. Marriner got six years and Frain seven years, both were given 20 year bans from attending any football matches. Donal McIntyre and his wife were attacked in revenge in 2009 by associates of the pair whilst eating out at a restaurant in London.


Jason Marriner published an autobiography through Fort Publishing Ltd in 2015, Kicking The Habit: The Autobiography of England’s Most Infamous Football Hooligan, in the book is a section dedicated to the injustice he felt over the MacIntyre sting and an insight into the methods used by the BBC to set him up. The book is available in paperback or kindle edition.

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