Cheetahs: Against All Odds

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In the Serengeti region of Africa things are difficult for cheetahs. Females must go out alone to hunt for food, leaving their cubs exposed to other predators in the process. Cheetahs may be the fastest of all big cats but they are also the most vulnerable, survival is a challenge.

Cheetahs: Against All Odds is a National Geographic documentary which follows two mother cheetahs as they struggle to feed their young families, the two cheetahs have varying fortunes.

One of the cheetahs is a mother of five cubs and will require considerable skill and huge amounts of luck to successfully raise all five to adulthood, the other mother lives further out in the open plains with a pack of six cubs. Charged with the responsibility of raising their young alone until they are big enough and strong enough to fend for themselves, the mothers must catch and eat enough food for themselves to generate and provide enough of the milk that their cubs depend on.

Sometimes they have to stray long distances away from their den and that leaves their young vulnerable to attack from other hungry predators including lions and hyenas. If they can survive the earliest stage of their lives then it is up to their mothers to give them the hunting lessons they need to learn to fend for themselves. The odds are not stacked in their favour, only 10% of cubs born in the Serengeti will ever reach adulthood.

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