Capturing The Friedmans

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Capturing the Friedmans, a 2003 film directed by Andrew Jarecki, is a documentary surrounding the Friedman family. Arnold and Elaine Friedman and their three kids, David, Jesse, and Seth are a middle-class family living in a tightly knit community in a ritzy New York neighborhood. Arnold was particularly respected as he was very educated and taught computer classes from his house. A beautiful and accomplished family, the Friedmans were thought to be admired.

The Friedman children, only two of which chose to be interviewed, say they had a good childhood and that they loved their father very much. Throughout the documentary, we’re given a peak inside their life using their own home videos. Although they do initially look like a loving family, one day Arnold gets a small envelope in the mail that tears his family apart and destroys his life. Although the contents of the envelope initially seem like they could be worse, child molestation in vast numbers among computer students is uncovered. Watch as the Friedman family’s secrets are revealed as they go to court, serve time, and turn on each other.

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