Can We Believe the Science?

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Can We Believe The Science? Is a four part 2009 BBC series hosted by the actor Peter Capaldi (who would later go on to be cast as Doctor Who). The series sees Professor Lesley Regan look at hard evidence to decide what really works and what is a marketing con.

Episode 1: Diet Clinic

Over on third of British people are overweight and billions of pounds a year is spent trying to get thin. In this episode Regan takes on the diet industry and reveal the truths about successful and lasting weight loss, she attempts to lose 10 pounds of weight in a year in the process.

Episode 2: Pharmacy

The second episode Regan examines whether the many millions a year spent on behind the counter cold remedies, homeopathy and herbal medicines are worth it and examines the ultimate cure for the common cold.

Episode 3: Nursery

In this episode Regan investigates the lucrative world of children’s products and some of the claims made to help sell them. She examines whether there is any truth behind claims that certain cereals can improve the performance of kids at school, compares baby formula with breast milk, and looks at the research being Omega-3 fish oils.

Episode 4: Health Spa

In the fourth and final episode Regan investigates the world of beauty, from anti-aging injections to detox products, she discovers if there are scientifically proven ways to make you look younger and give you the perfect body.

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