Cam Girlz

Published on 1st March 2017 by

A 2015 documentary by Sean Dunne which goes into the world of webcam sex workers, ladies who strip nude or perform sexual acts on camera in exchange for cash. Cam Girlz is a piece of art with some beautiful camera work, and it actually looks at the industry from a positive angle and tells the story of workers achieving economic freedom and empowerment from their success in the cam sex world.

Contrary perhaps to the perception that some have of this world being a seedy one and inhabited only by those who are down on their luck, or addicted to drugs, or suffering from low self-esteem, the film shows us ambitious girls have a drive to succeed as entrepreneurs and to achieve financial security by providing a service which is in high demand.

Also worth a watch is the 2014 BBC documentary The Truth about Webcam Girls, which follows three girls who work in an industry which has grown fast in the UK and is now worth over £1bn per annum.

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