Burp! Pepsi v. Coke in the Ice-Cold War

Published on 13th March 2016 by

A really interesting 1984 John Pilger documentary which looks at the battle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi for global soft drink supremacy, and a look at the fascinating and sometimes controversial history of the two corporations. It seems that both companies would stop at nothing in their pursuit of victory and market share, with Coca Cola developing relationships with the Nazi Party and Pepsi’s dealings with the Soviet Union. Even forging ties with communists was not out of the question for this capitalist behemoths.

More than thirty years later and the war between the giants still rages, with Pepsi Co having revenues of $63bn a year, larger than Coca-Cola on $44bn. A newer documentary on the rivalry Coke vs Pepsi – A Duel Between Giants was released in 2002.

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