A Very British Murder

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British historian Lucy Worsley examines the British fascination with a good old murder in this three episode mini-series, was aired by the BBC in 2013. In the first episode she covers earliest part of the 19th century, progressing in the second to the Victorian period, and then to the Edwardian’s in the final episode. She explores how some of the most notorious murders in British history inspired great British plays, novels, and paintings, as well as numerous world famous fictional detectives such as Sherlock Holmes. This is Worsley’s account of the evolution of a curious national obsession.

All three episodes are available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate them via the tabs below the video embed or via the link list below.

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Worsley authored the accompanying 320 page book, A Very British Murder: The Story of a National Obsession, available in paperback, hardcover, or on Kindle. It is also known by the title The Art of the English Murder: From Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock, that is the exact same book.

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