British History’s Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley

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A three part BBC series presented by popular television historian and author Lucy Worsley, first broadcast in 2017. The series attempts to show how British history is partially made up of lies propagated by whoever was in charge of the country at the time. Three major historical inaccuracies or myths are detailed across three separate hour long episodes, all of which are available to watch on Documentary Vine and are detailed below.

Episode 1: The War of the Roses

The first episode covers the Tudor dynasties and explains how they invented the story of the ‘War of the Roses’ in order to justify their rule, with Henry Tudor exaggerating the scale of the conflict with Richard III and used propaganda to spread rumours that Richard III was evil; he was even assisted by William Shakespeare.

Episode 2: The Glorious Revolution

The second episode debunks another myth, the ‘Glorious Revolution’, Worsley explains how various facts and fictions surrounding 1688 and the invading William of Orange have shaped our national story ever since.

Episode 3: The Jewel in the Crown

In the third and final episode Lucy Worsley explains how the story of British rule in India is a carefully edited narrative which masks some ugly truths.

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