The British Empire in Colour

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The British Empire in Colour is a three part BBC documentary series which makes use of rare archive footage and eyewitness accounts to chronicle the decline of a once vast empire, an empire which most would agree brought a lot to the world but also had a darker side. The series examines the complexities, contradictions, and legacies of the British Empire, and it uses genuine original colour footage from the public archives and private collections (this is not retrospectively ‘colourised’ footage but footage originally shot in colour).

We have all three episodes available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate between the episodes using the numbred tabs beneath the video player or via the episode links below. The episodes split the series into three distinct parts which deal with the ‘Decline’, ‘Fall’, and ‘Legacy’ of the British Empire.

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An tie-in 160 page hardback book was released to accompany the film, The British Empire in Colour: Unique Images of the British Empire. It is out of print but easily obtained in used condition.

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