Britain’s Whale Hunters: The Untold Story

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Britain’s Whale Hunters: The Untold Story is a two part BBC documentary which was first aired in 2014, it explores why global whale populations declined so dramatically in the 20th century and examines Britain’s own role in that decline; our oceans were once full with millions of whales. The film attempts to see whaling through the eyes of the people of the time.

Episode 1: The Rise

In the first episode presenter Adam Nicholson visits the ruins of the whaling stations on the British controlled island of South Georgia, he also examines rare archive footage and first-hand testimony from the last of Britain’s whale hunters to determine what life was like for whale hunters. Whales were used to produce essential oils for food and soap for the European market.

Episode 2: The Fall

Nicholson continues to explore the forgotten role of British whale hunters played in Antarctic whaling up to as late as the 1960’s; amongst the activities he pursues are time exploring an abandoned whale catching ship and taking a peek behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum.

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