Brian Haw: Life of Brian

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Brian Haw was an English peace campaigner and protester who found global fame after living for almost ten years in a ‘peace camp’ near to the Parliament buildings in London, he was protesting against UK and US foreign policy – particularly involvement in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. His camp was decorated with shocking images from the wars, including photos of dead children. Haw had a long history as a peace campaigner, having visited Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’ and the killing fields of Cambodia in 1089. Haw continued his protest until he fell ill with cancer, dying in 2011 in hospital in Berlin where he was receiving treatment.

Brian Haw: Life of Brian is a one hour long documentary of unknown date by On The Beach Productions which has never been shown on British television but has been screened by some foreign television stations. The version that we have here on Documentary Vine is a shorter 20 minute version edited for free public viewing (the full one hour long documentary is not available to watch for free). It is one of several documentaries made about Haw, also consider watching Brian Haw: As Long As It Takes (2003).

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