Breaking into Prison

Published on 10th March 2017 by

BBC journalist Livvy Haydock explores the problem of drugs in UK prisons in this short 20 minute documentary, it is often said by drug addicts that it is easier to score drugs in prison than it is on the outside, heroin and legal synthetic marijuana substitutes known as ‘spice’ are a particular problem. The market for drugs inside prison is said to be worth up to £60m a year, but how do the drugs get inside?

Haydock meets a drug dealer who explains how he gets people to smuggle his product inside prisons, where a dealer inside will sell to prisoners at a huge markup. Also frequently smuggled into prison are phones, sim cards, and weapons, all of which are used as a currency.

Another means of getting contraband into prison is via a corrupt prison officer, a more common problem than you may think, a Google search will show you that many prison officers have been dismissed in the UK for smuggling drink and drugs for inmates.

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