Born Into Brothels

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Born Into Brothels is a 2004 Academy Award winning documentary film that gives the viewer a front seat glimpse into the life of brothels in Calcutta. The Red Light District in Sonagchi, Calcutta is full of people terrified of being photographed because of all the illegal activity; they’re afraid of being identified as criminals. This documentary puts a spotlight on the children born into the brothels and how the young girls more often than not become prostitutes at a young age.

The Red Light District has brothels full of prostitutes with children. The children are everywhere, and they see what goes on behind closed doors; their mothers and sisters as prostitutes. Young girls await the day they will join the ranks, though not all are happy about it. What little girl dreams of being at her mother’s side as a teenage prostitute?

Two filmmakers decided to explore The Red Light District of Sonagchi, Calcutta. Instead of just being tourists, they dive into living there to see what really does go on. They become close with the children, teaching them how to use their cameras and document their lives. The children truly are bright lights in a dark network full of abusive Johns.

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