Bomb It

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Bomb It is a groundbreaking 2008 documentary, probably the first documentary to give a truly global perspective on graffiti culture. The film was directed by Jon Reiss, an award winning filmmaker, and filming took place in five continents having effectively become a collaborative project between movements across the world.

Cities featured in the film include Amsterdam, London, Sao Paulo, Paris, and many more. The film uses original footage of a number of prominent artists including Cornbread who is often cited as being the father of the modern graffiti scene after starting in Philadelphia in the late sixties.

The film was very well received by critics and general viewers alike, but probably didn’t get as much credit as it deserved considering the depth at which it explored graffiti as an international form of communication rather than focusing on localized scenes in major cities (e.g. Piece by Piece, a film about the history of street art in San Francisco).

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