Boiling Point

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Boiling Point is a five part 1998 documentary mini-series which follows a young Gordon Ramsay for eight months during one of the most intense periods of his life as he opens his first ever restaurant. The restaurant would ultimately become his flagship restaurant in a rapidly growing chain and win him the rare accolade of holding three Michelin Stars. Also featuring in the film are young chefs Marcus Wareing and Mark Sargeant who would go on to become well known in their industry, as well as Ramsay’s former mentor Marco Pierre White.

The series was broadcast on Channel 4 and was the UK public’s first exposure to Gordon Ramsay, a follow up series Beyond Boiling Point was aired in 2000 on the same channel. The second series follows Ramsay as he adjusts to his new found celebrity status and attempts to juggle a growing restaurant business with increasing demands on his time from activities outside of the kitchen.

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