BNP Wives

Published on 15th February 2016 by

A 2008 documentary which follows the lives of several women who married into and work for the British Nationalist Party, a far right British political party which has some extreme views surrounding immigration.

BNP Wife Suzy describes what it is like living with the parties senior organised Nick Cass and what it is like trying to juggle their family life with their political activities whilst committed campaigner Lynne Mozar discusses her one woman protest against the building of a local mosque in her hometown. Don’t expect any exceedingly high IQ’s on show.

If you like documentaries which embarrass the far right then you may also be interested in watching the 2004 undercover expose The Secret Agent: BNP Exposed, as well as the 2004 Channel 4 Dispatches investigative documentary Young, Nazi and Proud.

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