Beyond The Cloud

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Beyond the Cloud is a 2016 French documentary co-produced by Vapexpo and the Vaping Post which was officially released straight to YouTube in full length for free viewing, the film takes the viewer on an international through several countries including America, France and Switzerland to explore vaping culture and its controversies in different countries. The film makers speak with physicians, researchers, health professionals, and various other experts and analyse the problems that the industry faces. The film was released with subtitles to ensure that it was accessible.

Tobacco kills 6 million people per year worldwide, with World Health Organisation figures claiming that around half of all smokers will die of a smoking related disease. An electronic cigarette produces no tar, no carbon monoxide, and a fraction of the number of chemicals that are contained with a cigarette. But a political and scientific war is underway worldwide, with big tobacco lobbyists desperate to try and suppress the growth of vaping despite scientific evidence consistently pointing towards it being much less dangerous than smoking.

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