Beyonce: Life is But A Dream

Published on 1st April 2016 by

Life is But a Dream is a 2013 autobiographical documentary about Beyonce Knowles, directed by Beyonce herself, it was released in 2013 on the HBO network in the US and broadcast on the BBC in the UK in the same year. The film uses private footage taken from Beyonce’s own personal laptop, together with new professionally shot footage.  The film was released to mixed reviews but nominated for an NAACP image award.

The films origins lay in Beyonce’s habit of archiving footage throughout her career, and her employment since 2005 of a visual director to film her life, as well as her frequent use of her own laptop camera. Beyonce is well known for keeping a handle on her privacy and an autobiographical film allowed her to control the output, but some critics noted that the film successfully provided a glimpse inside of her private life – the film documented her marriage to Jay Z, her miscarriage, and the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy.

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