Behind The Writing On The Walls

Published on 24th February 2016 by

An independent documentary of unknown year which explores graffiti culture and its art form, primarily in the city of Philadelphia, including an excellent hip hop sound track:

  • Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest
  • Vibes & Stuff – A Tribe Called Quest
  • KRS One – Step Into A World
  • House of Pain – Shamrocks and Shenanigans
  • Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz
  • Bugging Out – A Tribe Called Quest
  • First Element – Digs Darklighter

This is one of numerous great documentaries about street art in Philadelphia, which many argue was the birthplace of modern day graffiti, also consider watching the 2010 documentary Sly Artistic City which looks back at the history of graffiti in the city, it made our list of the 10 Best Graffiti Documentaries of All Time.

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