Banksy Does New York

Published on 9th February 2017 by

Banksy Does New York is an unofficial 2014 HBO documentary by Chris Moukabel about Banksy’s 31 day residency in New York in 2013 where he created 31 works of art in 31 days in New York. Interestingly, the footage used to create this documentary wasn’t filmed by Moukabel or any member of his crew but instead crowd sourced from the internet from everyday members of the public using handheld cameras or mobile phones.

The amateur video footage is accompanied by some animated sequences and interviews with various people. The premise of this documentary stems from Banksy’s own use of social media to drop clues about the whereabouts of his new artwork, and attempts to capture the hysteria which he creates among fans of his art who follow the leads in an attempt to see the art whilst they still can. At one point a scene shows somebody attempting to remove a valuable Banksy but being tackled by a small army of his fans.

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