Banking on Bitcoin

Published on 22nd April 2018 by

Bitcoin is arguably the most disruptive invention since the internet and now an ideological battle is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalists, with each wanting their own horse to win the race to become or remain the worlds currency.

Banking on Bitcoin is a feature length 2016 documentary which examines the various players who are helping to define how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will shape our future lives. It features interviews with various enthusiasts and experts who talk about Bitcoin’s roots, go in detail about the technology which makes it tick and speculate as to what the future of cryptocurrency will be.

Reactions to the film have been mixed, with some watchers stating that it felt very one-sided and that the film maker had not made the effort to present to feature people who would present the other side of the story and put forward a case for traditional fractional reserve currencies.

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