Baltic Drug Mules

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A 2013 Latvian documentary exploring the new phenomenon of people from the Balkan states being used as drugs mules to smuggle drugs out of Peru and into Europe. The film maker meets 25 inmates in a Peruvian jail who are all from the Balkan states. The mules are tricked into believing that the chances of being caught are very slim because the airport security and police are on the payroll, the reality is that most will be caught and that sometimes foreign mules are even offered up as a sacrifice in order to distract security and allow safe passage of other mules on the same flight.

Peru has become the new world capital of cocaine production after authorities in Colombia made significant ground in their fight against Coca farming, the cartels who run the drugs trade in Peru use various means of smuggling the drugs out of the country by either air or sea.

In recent years they have preferred to use white European drugs mules in the belief that they will look more like rich tourists and therefore have less chance of being searched, in 2013 a pair of young British girls were famously caught attempting to smuggle several kilos of cocaine out of Peru, documented in the Irish documentary Michaela, Peru and The Drugs Run.

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