Bad Dads’ Army: The Hatton Garden Heist

Published on 2nd February 2016 by

In April 2015 The Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company, a high security underground safe deposit facility which served as a safety deposit for many of the high end jewellers in the Hatton Garden area of London, was burgled. The value of goods stolen is alleged to have been up to £200m (around $300m USD) and the burglary is potentially the largest in UK history.

The men who were later convicted of planning and carrying out the crime were all elderly ‘old school’ criminals, one had minor involvement in another famous British heist, the Brinks-MAT robbery. This documentary, narrated by Danny Dyer, explains how the old guys pulled off this highly ambitious job with meticulous planning and high levels of skill, and how they were finally caught by the authorities.


The Hatton Garden heist is the subject of the 2016 book Sexy Beasts: The True Story of the “Diamond Geezers” and the Record-Breaking $100 Million Hatton Garden Heist, authored by Wensley Clarkson and available in paperback.

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