Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur

Published on 18th February 2017 by

A 2016 BBC Planet Earth documentary presented by David Attenborough. It tells the story of the discovery in Argentina of the largest-known dinosaur, a new species of Titanosaur which measures 37 metres long and weighed up to 70 tonnes. It currently holds the record as the largest animal ever to walk the earth.

The fossil was discovered in 2014 when a shepherd spotted the tip sticking out of a rock in a rural Argentinian desert area, Palaeontologists subsequently discovered that it was the tip of a 2.4 meter long femur bone. They kept digging and pulled out an additional 220 bones, all belonging to the huge Titanosaur.

Attenborough watched the dig unfold, the construction of the complete skeleton, and observed some of the twists and turns of the forensic investigation. Filming took place over two years and makes use of advanced graphics technology to show what the animals insides would have looked like.

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