Are You Good or Evil?

Published on 24th March 2016 by

The debate of what makes us good or evil as gone on for centuries. Traditionally, this has been a philosophical conversation. Morality has never been something we have associated with science but as this intriguing documentary shows us, scientists have begun to answer these seemingly unanswerable questions.

In this 2011 Horizon documentary we meet the researchers who have spent their careers studying some of the most dangerous psychopaths in prison. There is an amazing shock for Professor Jim Fallon who, after testing his family, discovers that he himself has both the genes and brain structure of a psychopathic profile.

We also meet a scientist who insists that he has discovered the moral molecule and a man who is using these findings to redefine the way we look at crime and justice. Understanding why Professor Fallon did not turn out to be a killer provides important insight into the science behind these new findings.

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