Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler

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Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler is a 2011 National Geographic documentary hosted by Richard Lintern which explores how one man could gain so much power, presented in two episodes which both make use of newly colourised footage of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Both episodes are available to watch here on Documentary Vine (see the numbered tabs beneath the video player, or use the episode links below). The story of how Hitler rose from a quiet mediocre student to a powerful totalitarian dictator with control of most of Europe cannot be told comprehensively in just two episodes, consider also watching the 1995 series Hitler: A Profile for a greater understanding of Hitler as man and how he rose to power.

Episode 1: Becoming Hitler

The first episode charts Hitler’s rise to power, from his formative years, through his time as a struggling artist in Vienna, his military service in the first world war, and the development of his political ideas which were largely ignored until the 1929 economic crisis put him in the spotlight and made disillusioned German’s sit up and listen.

Episode 2: The Fuehrer

The second episode picks off from the point at which he became German Chancellor in 1933 and sets out to ensure that his Nazi Party control every aspect of German society and ensure his own rise to Fuehrer, a position he assumed just one year later. It was at this point that he could role out an ideological and military programme which would see the Germans gain new territory in Europe and subsequently kick start the beginning of the second world war.

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