Andy Paris: The Bubblegum King

Published on 14th April 2016 by

A 2011 documentary about entrepreneur Andy Paris, the first businessman to mass-produce bubble gum after the end of the second world war, he made himself stinking rich and became world famous. Paris was the dubbed ‘The Bubblegum King’ and he moved to Hollywood where he rubbed shoulders with the A List stars of the day, but his success was short lived and his business practices drew the attention of the American government.

This documentary, made by his son John Paris, tells the story of his rise and fall, and how Paris bubblegum lost out to new super brands such as Wrigley. His dominance of the bubblegum market lasted for just 8 years. If you enjoy watching this documentary then you may be interested in reading a recent interview with John Paris (his son).

NB: Unfortunately this documentary upload is currently trailer only due to the original source video being removed, we will replace the embed should a free version appear online again. In the meantime it can be streamed or purchased from
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