Amish: A Secret Life

Published on 25th February 2016 by

A 2012 BBC documentary which gives an intimate insight into the life of an Amish family from the ‘Old Order’ Amish community in Pennsylvania, their church forbids all technology. The filmmakers are granted the rare opportunity to enter the private lives of an Amish family  consisting of six members, Miriam and David Lapp and their four young children.

It is actually against Amish rules to appear on camera so the family risked potential excommunication and being shunned by even their own relatives and the wider community for featuring in the film, this is why such access is rare. He also catches a lift to work in a car, which is also against the rules. Several Amish friends of David Lapp also appear in the film, risking excommunication themselves, it shows that the younger generations of the church believe that their community should become less strict and embrace some aspects of the modern world.

For more on Amish excommunication from consider watching the excellent BBC documentary Trouble in Amish Paradise (2009) and the follow up Leaving Amish Paradise (2011).

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