American Drug War: The Last White Hope

Published on 1st August 2017 by

A 2007 film by Kevin Booth about the ongoing ‘War on Drugs’ in the United States, the film explains how the war on drugs has become one of the longest and most costly wars in American History, and Booth sets out to explain how the war has failed and will continue to fail. The film took three and a half years to produce, primarily due to the huge number of people interviewed on camera. Booth later made the follow up documentary How Weed Won The West.

A total of 62 people appear on the film including former CIA officers, narcotics officers, DEA agents, politicians, and judges, as well as people on the other side of the war including drug dealers, gang members and prison inmates. Touched upon in the film is the connection between the drug trafficker Rick Ross and his cocaine source who was employed by the CIA, perpetuating the long standing conspiracy theory that the CIA profit from the distribution and consumption of cocaine in America  (see also: Secret Heartbeat of America: The CIA and Drugs).

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