Alex Higgins: The People’s Champion

Published on 24th March 2016 by

Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins mesmerized television audiences during the golden age of snooker. This moving documentary tells the tale of snooker’s most enigmatic genius. From his childhood in Belfast to becoming two-time world snooker champion, this is the story of the people’s champion.

Higgins played snooker like no one had ever done before. He was what Muhammad Ali was to boxing and what George Best and Diego Maradona were to football. He was quite simply born to entertain. Like many of those ‘blessed’ with the title of genius, Higgins was haunted by his demons. Alcohol abuse and depression played a sad but pivotal role in his life. Instances such as threatening to have Dennis Taylor shot and falling out of a top floor window are just a couple of Higgins’ darker moments retold in this unforgettable documentary.

The final chapter of Higgins’ life and his battle with throat cancer are documented like never before and despite incredible moments of sadness, this documentary is an inspiring look at one of sport’s most beloved figures.


Higgins’ autobiography was published in 2007, a few years prior to his death, From the Eye of the Hurricane: My Story is a Sunday Times Bestseller and is available in paperback, hardback and kindle editions.

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