Smack & Tears: Afghanistan’s Heroin Hell

Published on 3rd February 2016 by

Afghanistan is famously the worlds biggest heroin producer, 90% of the worlds opiate drugs originate in the country, but now the country has also become one of the worlds largest consumers of opium with in excess of 1 million Afghan’s believed to be problem drug users. The heroin epidemic is tearing the country apart. It is a problem which hasn’t been particularly widely publicized, and it is partly the legacy of the west’s war on terror.

Smack & Tears: Afghanistan’s Heroin Hell is a 2014 documentary by London based BBC journalist Tahir Qadiry who visits Afghanistan to explore the issue and meet some of the everyday Afghans who are addicted to smoking opium. The film focuses primarily on two young men who are both addicted to the drug, and follows their stories as they desperately seek to kick their habits and return to a sense of normality. The man have mixed fortunes.

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