Addicted To Plastic

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Addicted to Plastic is a 2008 Canadian documentary about the worldwide production and consumption of plastic, and the environmental impacts of its disposal. The film took three years to film with the host travelling around the world to 12 different countries across 5 different continents to give us an insight into the life cycle of a piece of plastic and the toxic legacy that the material leaves.

Plastic is perhaps the most versatile material ever invented, we use it to hold our coffee, as a building material, to produce gadgets, to microwave our food, there aren’t many products that humans buy which don’t use plastic at some stage in its production or storage, but this ‘progress’ has come at a cost and there is probably not a single ecosystem on the planet which hasn’t been affected by it. The film provides an insight into the history of plastic and interviews various experts who suggest solutions which will bring about a healthier relationship with the material, including the possibility that we could develop biodegradable plastic made out of plants.

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