Addicted to Pleasure

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Addicted to Pleasure is a four part BBC series from 2012 presented by actor Brian Cox. He explores the controversial past of four substances: sugar, opium, tobacco, and whiskey, and explains how commercial exploitation got the world hooked on them. All four episodes are available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate via the numbered tabs below the video player above or the episode list below.

Episode 1: Sugar

Explores how sugar fuelled a consumer food revolution but is now considered to be responsible for numerous serous ailments such as diabetes.

Episode 2: Opium

Cox explores the history of opium use and how it evolved into modern day heroin addiction.

Episode 3: Tobacco

How the tobacco trade helped to fuel growth of the British Empire and created a market of addicts which is still one billion strong globally (and still dominated by British companies!).

Episode 4: Whisky

Brian Cox explores the history of Whisky and how it has contributed to the reputation the Scots have gained for being hard-drinking.

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