A303 Highway To The Sun

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For most British people the A303 is just a road like any other, the one which many will go down if they want to reach the beaches of Devon and Cornwall, the fact that it passes Stonehenge on the way is a bonus and many will take the opportunity to stop off at that historic site on the way. But the 92 mile long road actually takes drivers through 5,000 years of remarkable British history.

A303 Highway To The Sun is a 2011 BBC 4 documentary written and presented by Tom Fort who travels the length of the road in a restored classic Morris Traveller and gives the viewer a history lesson, stopping off to reveal numerous secrets from history along the way until he finally reaches what lays at the end of the Highway to the Sun.


Tom Fort also published an accompanying 368 book through Simon & Schuster, The A303: Highway to the Sun, available to purchase in paperback, hardback, and kindle editions.

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