A Very British Gangster

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Dominic Noonan and his brother Desmond Noonan headed up a criminal organisation in Manchester in the 1980’s and 1990’s known as the ‘crime firm’ and became one of the cities most notorious crime families, respected by their local communities but feared by those who got on the wrong side of them. Dominic Noonan has more than 40 criminal convictions including convictions for armed robbery, possession of a firearm, fraud, and prison escape. The brothers were suspected of being responsible for at least 25 unsolved murders during their 20 year reign at the top of the Manchester Underworld.

A Very British Gangster is a feature length biographical documentary by Donal MacIntyre about Dominic Noonan and the infamous Noonan crime family, following Dominic and his band of young henchmen as they carry out their day to day business. Noonan opens up extensively about the families dark past and the criminal activities of his deceased brother Damien who confessed to carrying out numerous gangland executions.

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