A Very British Brothel

Published on 25th May 2017 by

An estimated one in ten British men regularly pays to have sex, and prostitution is often said to be the worlds oldest profession. A Very British Brothel is a one off 2015 documentary which goes inside an active Sheffield massage parlor called City Sauna to meet the girls who work in it, the mother and daughter who run the brothel as a partnership, and some of the clients who pay for their services, some of them arrived armed with some bizarre requests.

City Sauna in Sheffield used to a pub but is now owned by a lady named Cath and managed by her daughter Jenni, the sauna specializes in mature escorts with most of the girls who offer their services being older women, the brothel is located in what has come to be known as Sheffield’s ‘Golden mile of sex’. Brothels are illegal in the United Kingdom but City Sauna operates in a grey area, exploiting a loophole where the brothel owners collect an ‘entrance fee’ and a massage is offered, with all extras being at the discretion of the girls.

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