A Norml Life

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A Norml Life is a 2011 documentary which looks at the current situation regarding medical marijuana in America, particularly the challenges which face pro-legalization campaigners. The documentary focuses primarily on the West Coast movement with interviews taking place with prominent activists, reformers, and people who rely on marijuana for the relief of medical conditions.

The documentary also features an appearance by The Doors band member Ray Manzarek who explains the influence that the drug had on the bands music. The film is heavily bias towards the positives of marijuana and is intended to present a pro-marijuana or pro-legalization argument,  but their argument that marijuana is as safe or indeed safer than many pharmaceuticals is a valid one. Doctors also appear to explain that there are psychological and physical benefits of Marijuana to patients. An extremely well researched and presented film which leaves little opportunity to pick holes.

NB: Unfortunately this documentary is currently trailer only due to the source video being removed. It is however available to watch on Amazon. 
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